• Your DPF cleaned and restored back to original
  • Guaranteed DPF cleaning 98% ash and soot removed
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly solution
  • No expensive DPF replacements
  • 12 months warranty
  • Same day service
  • Free local collection and delivery

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Our Promise

We believe our cleaning process is the best available. We promise to give you a quick and efficient service to get you back on the road as soon as we can!

Dash Light

This will come on when you DPF has difficulty regenerating itself.


From May 2018, the MOT emissions rules changed, requiring a more in depth exhaust examination.

Let's Clean Up!

Only our machine can effectively remove ash and other deposits as well as soot.

We offer same day or next day by appointments, with free collections and deliveries to our local area or nationwide by carrier

Our process achieves up to 98% of the original new efficiency with certified results

Save THOUSANDS of pounds with our SCR's cleaning process

What is a DPF and how can DPF Regeneration help?

DPF Filter - before and after

DPF filters exhaust gases

Products of combustion contain harmful particles that require removing to prevent pollution of the atmosphere.

Automatic regeneration

Under normal conditions, the DPF regenerates itself on the vehicle automatically without driver intervention.

What can go wrong?

Low mileage driving or an engine fault can cause the DPF to block because of failed regeneration.

What if I ignore the dash light?

The vehicle may go into low power mode or stop completely. This could lead to the vehicle needing recovery.

What is professional cleaning?

Your DPF is cleaned with an environmentally friendly process that removes soot, ash and harmful deposits.

As good as new

Cleaning your DPF will help to restore your vehicle to optimum efficiency saving you money.

Our Process - SCR

SCR units are usually in Euro 6 compliant vehicles.  A liquid urea based additive such as Ad-Blue® is added to the exhaust stream to convert harmful NOx gases to nitrogen and water.  This process may cause urea salts and combustion particles to build up that will certainly require cleaning.

Our process effectively washes away these residues, restoring the unit to optimal efficiency.

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